Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences



Vineet Arora, MD,MAPP
Founding Director

Herbert T. Abelson Professor
Dean for Medicine Education
Associate Chief Medical Officer for the Clinical Learning Environment

Specialties: improving the learning environment for medical trainees and the quality, safety and experience of care delivered to hospitalized adults, Care of hospitalized older patients and sleep hygiene

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Daniel Adelman

Daniel Adelman, PhD

Charles I. Clough, Jr. Professor of Operations Management, Booth School of Business

Specialties: Healthcare Data Analytics, Policy Analysis in Healthcare Systems

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Melissa Byrn

Melissa Byrn

Assistant Dean for Clinical Research

Specialties: Commercialization of Research, Digital Health, FDA Regulations

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Adam Cifu

Adam Cifu, MD

Professor of Medicine

Specialties: Medical Education, Evidence-Based Medicine

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V. Ram Krishnamoorthi, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Specialties: Health Services Research and Innovation, Health System Reform and Advocacy, Medical Education

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Moira McNulty

Moira McNulty, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Specialties: Implementation Science, Infectious Diseases, Gender and Sexual Orientation

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Alex Pearson

Alexander T. Pearson, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Specialties: Clinical Trials, Immunotherapy, Cancer, Medical Oncology, Graduate Medical Education, Mathematical Model, Neural Network Models, Statistical Models

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Valerie Press, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Specialties: Patient and System Level Interventions, Implementation Science, Care Transitions

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Glenn Randall

Glenn C. Randall, PhD

Professor of Microbiology

Specialties: Dengue Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Noroviruses, Virus-host Interactions

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Sara Serritella

Director of Communications, Institute for Translational Medicine

Specialties: Science Communication, Journalism

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Sam Volchenboum, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Associate Chief Research Informatics Officer

Specialties: Data Commons, Wearables

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Laurie Zoloth, PhD

Margaret E. Burton Professor of Religion and Ethics
Senior Advisor to the Provost for Programs on Social Ethics

Specialties: Bioethics, Religion, Social Justice in Healthcare

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