Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences


About the Program

The MS in Biomedical Sciences (BMS) program at the University of Chicago is designed to provide foundational training in biomedicine. The core curriculum focuses on the applications and innovations in clinical care and medical treatment, statistics, bioethics, and the American healthcare system, in addition to more specialized elective courses in the Science Communication, Biomedical Data Science, Health Systems Science, and Biomedical Innovation concentrations. An MS Independent Project completes the program requirements. The BMS program is STEM-OPT eligible.

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Transformative Skills

MsBmS students develop research, applied, and clinical skills for future careers as health professionals, researchers, administrators, scientific writers, and educators. Upon completion of the program, students will generally be able to:


  • Understand the processes underlying normal and abnormal function in the human body in preparation for advanced studies or work in a healthcare field
  • Participate in scientific research that utilizes tools and techniques aimed at better understanding biology and medicine
  • Contribute to healthcare fields by applying relevant skills and demonstrating knowledge of clinical and biomedical research, communication, data analysis, and healthcare delivery
  • Engage in the biomedical labor force to meet the growing demands and needs of the healthcare system

Opening More Doors

BMS graduates may seek employment in a number of different industries, including research and development, technology, civil service, policy, business, and higher education. Graduates of the program would be competitive for careers including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research technician¬†
  • Healthcare or Research Administrator
  • Scientific Writer
  • Educator
  • Policy analyst or advisor
  • Academic clinician scientist
  • Healthcare venture capitalist

Upon completing the program, BMS graduates may also choose to continue their studies and receive advanced training in a doctoral or health professional program.

Check out a list of potential career opportunities. 


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