Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences


Biomedical Sciences is a one-year program and can be completed in three full-time quarters. The six required core courses provide the academic foundation to biomedicine. Students then choose one of four concentrations: Science Communication, Biomedical Data Science, Health Systems Science, or Biomedical Innovation, to complete elective courses and as the basis for their MS independent project. To sum, the curriculum encompasses three components:


     6 Core Courses + 3 Concentration-Elective Courses + Independent Project

Core Courses


  • Foundations I-II-III (3-course sequence)
  • Methods requirement
  • Bioethics
  • Health Systems

Concentration-Elective Courses

Science Communication


  • Science Communication: Writing a Digital Science Story
  • Give a Dynamic Scientific Talk That Doesn’t Put Your Audience to Sleep
  • Improving Scientific Communication and Addressing Misinformation
  • Social Science Elective

Biomedical Data Science


  • Machine Learning in Biology and Medicine
  • Machine Learning and Advanced Learning for Biomedicine
  • Healthcare Analytics Lab
  • Computational Biology: A Machine Learning Approach

Health Systems Science


  • Topics in Healthcare Delivery Science (track-required course)
  • Fundamentals of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Healthcare Business Analytics 
  • Innovation Leadership

Biomedical Innovation


  • Medical Product Development 
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • Launching a Bioscience Venture
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